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"Our event went off without a hitch thanks largely to Elite Division" -Pearl Bryant | Mooreland Enterprises

Our Services Include:

Property Protection

Texas law allows a lawful owner of land or tangible property to hire security to protect his/her property 

Our operatives are justified in using lawful force when the property owner reasonably believes that the force is immediately necessary to prevent or terminate the other's trespass on his/her property or unlawful interference with his/her property. We are able to protect and secure any assets that you deem in need of protection. 

Executive Protection

 Executive Protection is guarding a high-profile individual (such as a celebrity or politician) against assaults or injuries that might be suffered in consequence of unlawful conduct.

All our protection operatives are fully trained with recognized close protection qualifications, combat training, and First Aid.

Many also have extended medical or military training.

Our operatives work throughout the United States, and we also have with international experience. We conduct in-depth risk assessments for each and every client in order to offer a truly tailored and outstanding service.

Door Supervision

A door supervisor carries out security duties in or at licensed premises, such as bars and nightclubs. Their role is to keep order, prevent crime and keeping staff and customers safe.

All of our door supervisors are fully license,  insured and kept up-to-date on all relevant legislation changes

Event Security

Event security is a service provided by private security companies, in conjunction with local or national government operatives in order to deliver safe and secure events at various venues. Working in event security,  duties differ depending on the type of work you require. Operatives may patrol the perimeter of the venue to protect attendees and prevent unauthorized people from getting inside, as well as provide crowd control services inside and outside the venue. 

Residential and Commercial Security

Residential Security refers to the process of safeguarding people and their properties from privacy breaches, home invasions, disturbances, or any other threats that could put the wellbeing of those who live there in jeopardy.  Condominiums, apartment complexes, gated communities, and other residential living areas all share common threats. These include burglaries, break-ins, assaults, property theft, and vandalism.

Commercial security refers to the protection systems commonly found in companies, apartment buildings and other businesses. On the other hand, institutional security refers to security measures and protocols mandated by the government or corporate entities.

Special Contracting

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